iQ Option

iQ Option is a privately held binary options broker with headquarters in The British Virgin Islands and Cyprus. It uses the most popular binary options platform provided by SpotOption and offers good returns, sign-up bonuses of up to 100% and refunds on losing bets.

Options Return

iQ Option advertises returns ranging from 70% to over 400%, depending on the option type you choose.

• For High/Low options, the return for EUR/USD is 80%, for Gold – 77%, and for Oil – 70%.
• 60 Seconds options offer 70% return for EUR/USD, Gold, and Oil.
• One Touch options are riskier, however they have the biggest return – 400%.

If you make a deposit of $500 and start gambling with EUR/USD bets of $25 each, you will have 195 games before you exhaust your balance. With the same return – 80% – you will need to win more than 55.6 out of every 100 bets in order to generate profit.

With a EUR/USD return of 70%, as is the case with 60 Second options, it will take 130 games to get you broke and a win rate of 58.9% or more will make you profitable. Please note that I’m talking about gambling here – these numbers can be very different if you actually analyze the financial markets and place informed bets.

Bet size & refund

The minimum bet size on iQ Option is $10 and the biggest stake that you can place is $5,000. My advice is to stick to smaller bets, though, as this contributes to your proper money management.
Refund: What I like about In the event your option expires “out of the money”, e.g. you lose your bet, iQ Option will refund 15% of your original investment, thus decreasing the risk and improving your overall payout percentage. Together with 365Trading (Find the full 365Trading Review here: IQ Option is one of the best brokers of the world.

Account types

When registering with iQ Option, you can opt in for one of 3 account types: Starter, Trader, and VIP.
Minimum deposit requirement: For a Starter account, you need to make an initial deposit of $500; the minimum first deposit for a Trader account is $2,000, and for VIP – $5,000.
All three account types grant you access to the broker’s educational resources and you also get an account manager – but what’s interesting is that they all seem to be of different skill levels and expertise. Starter account holders get a “dedicated team member”, those with Trader accounts – an “individual specialist”, and VIP’s get a “professional specialist” for an account manager.

Option Types

High/Low: with this option type you need to guess whether a certain option will close at a value that is either higher or lower of the value at the time of placing the bet – as simple as that. You need to wait for the option to expire in order to find out whether you win or lose.

One Touch: this option type offers the biggest return, over 400%, but there’s a reason for that: it’s the riskiest option type and the chances of winning are way smaller than the ones of other option types. Here, you need to predict whether the value of the option will reach a certain, pre-set level, or not. If the level is reached, the bet is settled immediately and you get your winnings. If the option doesn’t reach the level and expires, you lose the bet.

60 Second: these are High/Low options with expiry of 60 seconds. They are great for maximizing your profit when you are certain of the price movement direction of a certain asset – by placing subsequent 60 Second options, you can easily make loads of money (there’s no guarantee, though, so I’m not liable in case you lose).

Option Builder: that’s the option type designed for the more experienced traders. For Option Builder bets you need to set the expiry date and risk level by yourself – and you can only do that if you understand the basics of binary options trading.

Deposit and Withdrawal

iQ Option is allows payments to and from the site to be made via bank wire, credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, Diners Club, Maestro), and the CashU and Moneybookers online wallets. I prefer to pay by VISA because deposits are instant, and it takes just a few business days for the money to reach my credit card account when I make a cashout.
Bear in mind that it takes up to 7 business days for iQ Option to approve and process your withdrawals.


iQ Option offers its new sign-ups a first deposit bonus, however this bonus depends on the amount of your payment – so it is best to contact your account manager to ask for more details. You are only eligible for a bonus if you fund your account with $1,000 or more and the bonus can be up to 100%.

Overall Impression

All in all, iQ Option seems like a sensible choice of binary options broker. Its returns are about average, you can take advantage of bonuses and refunds and the broker is powered by the SpotOption technology, which is one of the best on the market. What I hate about iQ Option is that the live chat customer support is unprofessional, unhelpful and plain rude. Find the complete Reviview here: